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The Airport in North Carolina! Who's Taking a Flight to the Event?

Hello there Ladies and Happy New Year!!!! It's 2024 and that means the Ladies First Event is almost here!!! There are a few of you that will be flying in for the event. The closest airport is Asheville Airport, which is approximately 1 hour from the hotel.

I have communicated with a few ladies that will be flying in and I would suggest the following: Reserving the Asheville shuttle service that has a 6 passenger van. The driver's name is Harry Siegel. A group of ladies can share the van ride to the hotel and split the cost of the shuttle. The total cost from the airport to the hotel is $165. In example, if you only have four ladies in the vehicle, you can split the shuttle fare, which would be approximately $41 per person.

The second option is to rent a vehicle on your own and drive to the Harrah's hotel.

I would love for you to respond here on the blog and/or reach out to me via email or text me to provide your flight information and if you'd like to meet up with travelers for this event and share the shuttle ride. Below is my contact information. I am also including the shuttle service information.

Shuanta Porter

And 5678 Line Dance


Asheville Airport Shuttle Car Service

828-231-1053 - Harry Siegel



Hi Shaunta! Thank you so much for sharing this information. We are planning to take the airport shuttle and will book our flights to Asheville soon. Looking forward to this event! Cheryl

And 5678
And 5678
Jan 25
Replying to

Hi Cheryl!! I look forward to seeing you!!! Contact me if I can assist you with anything.

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