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Ladies First is Just Weeks Away...Here's a List from the Band!!

OMG! I am so excited; we are weeks away (3 weeks) from Ladies First!! Now, if you're reading this blog and you didn't register for the upcoming event, SHAME ON YOU!!! LOL (I'm kidding...well, maybe not!) I hope you are registered and if not, please consider joining us at the next one! But for now, Let's discuss the 2024 Ladies First that's right around the corner!

Ok remember, we have a Live Band on Saturday!! With that being said, below is a list of a few of the songs the Band, Tony Tatum Experience, has shared with me of what they will be performing LIVE at the Tropical Brunch on Saturday! Feel free to use this list to learn a few of the line dances available on the YouTube list I provided earlier. Over half of the songs they're performing has a "Beginner" line dance to it! I would encourage you to learn a few so you can be on that dance floor as they perform hunni!! :) Yesssss, Let's Do This!!

Song & Artist - Name of Line Dance (to help you search for it on YouTube)

  1. All I Do Stevie Wonder  - All I Do Line Dance

  2. Any Love Luther Vandross  - Any Love Line Dance  

  3. Best of Me Anthony Hamilton  - Best of Me Line Dance

  4. Between the Sheets Isley Brothers  - Between the Sheets Line Dance

  5. Anniversary by Tony Toni Tone - Anniversary Line Dance

  6. Can We Talk Tevin Campbell  - Can We Talk Line Dance

  7. For the Cool in You Babyface  - Cool in You Line Dance

  8. For the Love of You Isley Brothers  - For the Love of U Line Dance

  9. Groove Me Guy - Groove Me Line Dance   

  10. I Want Her Keith Sweat  - My Heart on Fire Line Dance

  11. I'm Dreamin Christopher Williams - Don't Wake Me 757 Line Dance

  12. Rub You the Right Way Johnny Gill - Rub You the Right Way Line Dance 

  13. This is How We Do It Montell Jordan  - This is How We Do It Line Dance

  14. Wifey Next - Wifey Line Dance

  15. Yeah by Usher - Yeah Line Dance

  16. September by Earth Wind and Fire - Mississippi Hustle

Yes, they will be performing more songs, but this is a list of songs we know beginner line dances to!! You'll have the chance to hit the dance floor and just freestyle dance also!! The choice is yours!! If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to contact me via email at or phone at 478-972-9320.

With Love and Appreciation,

Shuanta "That Short Girl"


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