Frequently asked questions

What line dances are on the DVD sets?

All line dances on the DVD sets are original and will help you learn popular line dances. Dances that are uploaded to And 5678 social media pages are not provided on the DVD sets.

Are the videos on the Digital Stream the same as the DVD sets?

Yes!! The digital stream videos are the same as the DVD sets! We encourage customers to purchase digital stream as the videos are in 4K and are available immediately after purchase. Digital stream videos are playable on electronic devices such as a computer, laptop, cellular and/or television (if you own a firestick or similar device) that will allow tv mirroring, etc.

Do you teach the line dances that are on the DVD sets and Digital Stream?

Absolutely! All line dance videos consist of an Instructional session. The instructor will teach each dance that is provided on the video. Once all dances are taught, you will be ready for The Showdown! The Showdown consist of all line dances that were taught and is a fun filled 30 minute session of non-stop line dancing.

What is Home Dancespiration?

Home Dancespiration consist of virtual line dance fitness classes via video on demand. These classes will inspire you to move and groove with us in the comfort of your home. Receive member only access to our online library of video on demand content at any time. Access to Dancespiration video on demand is $15.99 per month. We offer a FREE 7 day trial. You may cancel your subscription at any time.

What is the class schedule for Home Dancespiration?

New Class Videos Are Uploaded EACH WEEK! Sunday: Praise Shuffle - Boost your mood, Inhale positive vibes and Enjoy a low to mid cardio Gospel/Christian line dance class to some of the most poular Gospel/Christian music! (routines will be a combination of beginner, intermediate & chair) Monday: Beginner - Lets go beyond the basic two step and enjoy a low to mid cardio workout while learning basic step sequences as we dance to some of the greatest hits! Tuesday: Beginner/Intermediate - Let's take it up a notch! Graby your towel, water and enjoy extra moves as you experience a low to high cardio workout while dancing to some of the greatest tunes! Wednesday: Chair Dance Exercise - Enjoy an easy, fun and safe workout while sitting down. Burn calories, reduce stress, and enjoy moving to popular music without leaving your chair! Thursday: The Showdown - Now that you've learned the dances for Monday & Tuesday, let's have some fun & see how much you remember!! The instructor will do the routines that were taught in the previous Monday & Tuesday class(es) back to back for a fun cardio workout! (note: there will be a beginner showdown and a beginner/intermediate showdown to choose from)

How do I cancel my Home Dancespiration subscription?

Subscriptions can be canceled at anytime. Email us at, include your name and email that was used upon signing up and request cancellation. You may also complete the contact form on the website and request cancellation (please include your name and email that was used upon signing up) as this will help us locate your account. Your subscription will be canceled. We will send a confirmation email of your cancellation. **Please be sure to cancel a few days prior to your next monthly renewal date.

How do I retrieve my password to log-in?

Click the "forgot password" link on the login screen. An email will be sent to you with a link that will prompt you to enter a new password.

What is the monthly subscription for Dancespiration?

We offer a FREE 7 day trial prior to starting a monthly subscription. If you choose to continue the subscription after 7 days, your subscription will become a monthly paid subscription of $15.99 per month until canceled. You may cancel at anytime by emailing us at and include your name and email that was used upon signing up. You may also complete the contact form and request a cancellation (please include your name and email that was used upon signing up). We will cancel your subscription upon request. **Please be sure to cancel a few days prior to your next monthly renewal date to avoid any charges.

Do you conduct events outside of class?

Yes! We have conducted many private line dance classes/events and we'd love to host an event for you. Click the "contact us" link to send a message to discuss further.

After I purchase the DVD Digital Stream, how long can I view the video(s)?

The digital stream videos are available for unlimited viewing after purchase.

What should I do if I have a problem with my order?

We want to ensure that we provide quality service to all customers. Please click the "contact us" link on the webpage or email us at and provide your questions and/or concerns and we will be happy to assist you.

Can dancing help me lose weight?

YES, with a healthy diet! Dancing is a fun way to exercise and is a great way to burn calories and tone your muscles! The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends 150 minutes of exercise per week (moderate-intensity aerobics). This translate to 2 and a half hours. Dancing is an easy workout habit to form and 150 minutes of dance a week is not only good for your body, but a great way to improve your mental, social and emotional health.

How many dances are taught during the Dancespiration classes?

Classes are usually 40 to 50 minutes long. The instructor will teach at least 3 dances for each class. After the instruction of each dance, the instructor will go over the dance with the music. If time permits, more dances may be taught during the class. We encourage you to enjoy learning the dances during class and prepare yourself to join in on The Showdown on Thursday. The Showdown is back to back non-stop line dancing that consist of the routines that were taught the current week in Monday & Tuesday's class!

Are the songs played in the Dancespiration classes radio played music?

YES! Enjoy line dancing to some of your favorite radio played songs!!

Will I be able to access all videos that are a part of Dancespiration?

YES!!! All subscribers have access to all class videos provided. You may watch them at any time.

Will I be able to view Dancespiration videos if I cancel my subscription?

No, if you choose to cancel your monthly subscription, you will no longer have access to any of the Dancespiration class videos.

Will my card be charged during the 7 day trial?

No, your card will not be charged until after the 7 day trial. You may choose to cancel after the trial or keep the subscription. If you do not cancel after the trial, your subscription will be renewed automatically and charged to your credit card/Paypal account at the beginning of each subscription period until you cancel the service.

Do I have to do the Dancespiration classes on the day the video is uploaded?

No, the videos will remain available for unlimited viewing. You may watch the class videos at any time that is convenient for you.

How do I log into the Dancespiration page?

While purchasing the monthly subscription plan, you will be prompted to log-in by using an email, Facebook or Google account. Please be sure to remember the email, Facebook or Google log-in that you used, along with your password as this is required to log into the Dancespiration page. After your account is created, simply click the "Class log-in" tab on the page and enter your log-in information to access the page.

Do you offer the Dancespiration Classes via Live Stream?

Not at this moment. Most of our viewers are unable to attend a live class at the same time due to being in difference time zones and schedule conflicts. Therefore, we chose to offer the convenience of video on demand to allow subscribers unlimited access to all class videos at any time. Live sessions may begin to occur sporadically in the future. All subscribers will be informed in advance via email of live sessions.

What device(s) can I use to watch the Dancespiration classes?

You can watch the class videos on your cellular phone, a desktop computer, a tablet, laptop and/or television (if you have a firestick, apple tv, etc) To view the class videos on a firestick (or similar device), simply use an internet app and go to our website as you would on a cellular, tablet or other electronic device. Another option is to mirror your electronic device (i.e. phone) to your television. Another option is to connect your phone, tablet or laptop to your television by using a hdmi cord that connects to your device and your tv. These type of hdmi cords can be purchased online at stores such as Amazon or at your local electronic store.

How do I view the Home Dancespiration Classes?

After starting your free trial, simply click the "Class Log-in" tab located on our website. Enter the username and password that you created when signing up. Once you log-in, you will have unlimited access to ALL Video on Demand Classes! Enjoy!

What if I don't have a fire stick or Roku TV? How can I view your videos on my television instead of my phone?

If you do not have a fire stick or Roku, another option is to connect your phone to your television by using a HDMI adapter. This will allow you to view whatever you're watching on your phone on your television. (You must have a HDMI cord also). The adapters can be purchased online at sites such as Amazon or at your local electronic store. (see images below and click the image for more info). Be sure to choose the adapter that matches your phone (Android or Iphone).

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