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Live Band with Tony Tatum at Ladies First!

I absolutely LOVE live music (see the video clip below)!!! I especially love to hear live bands that performs the song exactly like the radio (so I can sing along...although I cannot sing...LOL!).

If you love this as much as I do, then you will surely love the soulful sounds from the Tony Tatum Experience, who will be performing at Saturday's Tropical Luncheon!!!

We've seen Tony perform a few times and he puts on a GREAT SHOW Every Single Time and tends to always sell out of his shows!! He will have you dancing and singing along as he prides himself in singing exactly like the record! Talk about FUN!!

Of course, Tony will most definitely be singing quite a few hits for us to line dance to! As we get closer to the date, I will provide a list of line dances, along with the tutorial for everyone to learn in advance. This list of dances will KEEP you on the floor as Tony performs! (it is strictly optional if you want to learn them...girl, you can do your own freestyle on the floor if you prefer!)

When I say take your vitamins before attending the Tropical Luncheon, I mean it!!!


Here's a small clip of the Tony Tatum Experience to watch in your spare time!!!

Song: I'm Dreamin

Artist: Christopher Williams

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P Walker
P Walker
01. Sept. 2023

We attended your couples event in Atlanta and heard Tony Tatum live there for the first time. When I tell you we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, that is an understatement. It is rare that you hear a real R&B these days. I was so disappointed when his performance was over. I am looking forward to the entire Ladies First Weekend, but hearing Tony Tatum again is at the top of my list!!

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