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Hotel Group Rate - IMPORTANT INFO!

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

UPDATE!!! The first blocked of rooms are BOOKED! We will open up more blocks with the discount rate of $279 within the next few days as we're communicating with the hotel! STAY TUNED.....


Hi there!!! Let's get straight to the information!

The Ladies First hotel group rate is $279 per night. We have a link that is available on the website (and will also be available at the bottom of this paragraph) for you to click and reserve your room. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you use this link to book your room. If you do not book your room using our group rate, the rate for the exact same weekend will be $540 per night (that's a MAJOR difference!). If you try to reserve your room and you cannot receive the discount rate, PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP AND INFORM! If the $279 rate is not showing, it means that many have already booked their room under the lower rate. I will contact the hotel to add more rooms under the $279/night rate if needed, but PLEASE contact me to inform.

If you prefer to contact the hotel by phone to book your room, the information is also provided below:

Contact by phone: 828-497-7777 please use code: S04LADI

At the last Ladies First event, a few ladies were late at reserving their room and missed out on the discount rate. Ladies, PLEASE do not do this. If you're planning to attend, I encourage you to go ahead and book your room. The hotel will shut down the discount rate after a few months OR the room block may get Full (whichever comes first).

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