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I recently saw a post where a lady said she loves a fun girls trip, but also wants her man to go with her... LOL!!! Now, of course, everyone does not agree to this! But I do understand both sides. At the last Ladies First event, we had a sprinkle of women asking if they can bring their partner to the next one!! So, for those who are bringing their Man, we have added a ONE hour Couple's Line Dance Session...BUT THIS IS THE ONLY SESSION MEN ARE ALLOWED TO ATTEND!!!! Let's break this down ladies with a few points:

  • You most certainly CAN bring your Man on the trip if you'd like...BUT he CANNOT come to the Ladies First Events!!!! (Line Dance Session, Bingo & Party Night, Zumba, Tropical Luncheon & Sister Circle)!

  • You AND your Babe are more than welcome to attend the couple's class that we have now added on the agenda. This class is not a part of the Ladies First event and is a separate cost of $35 per couple. The Ladies First ticket includes ALL events associated with Ladies First. The 1 Hour Couple's Class is a separate cost and is not included in the Ladies First registration ticket.

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