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Back to Back Line Dancing

Back to Back Line Dancing

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Graffiti Dancers

They are the wave in health and fitness in a new fun and innovative way. I recommend anyone who is able to get to them to utilize their services and jam whole you're doing it!

 - Prince Rahiem

Meet Your Instructor
Meet Your Instructor Shuanta Porter
Shuanta Porter

a.k.a. That Short Girl 


Shuanta (Shon-Tay) is a line dance instructor and choreographer based out of Macon, Georgia. 


She has been instructing and choreographing dances for 5 years but has been dancing nearly all of her life. This wife and mother of two decided to use her passion for dance and create a class that people could come to "Get Fit, Have Fun and Line Dance".  One of her main goals is to be able to bring happiness and relieve stress while dancing and burning calories!  


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Line Dancing Class

Why Dance with...

AND 5678? 

And 5678 is a low-to-high cardio soul line dance class that will get you energized and on the move! Line dancing is a form of exercising that will help burn calories and relieve stress while having fun! Our goal is to provide a Fun, Fit and Healthy Lifestyle through line dancing!

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