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Thank you for visiting And 5,6,7,8 Line Dance page!

  I am Shuanta (pronounced Shon-Tay), That Short Girl, the line dance instructor for

And 5678 Line Dance! 

I've had a passion for dancing since I was in kindergarten (well, that's how far I can remember...maybe it was sooner! (smile))

I joined many dance teams throughout the years.  I remember learning the electric slide in elementary school and for years, that's the only line dance I knew.  Many years later, I came across a line dance that was quite different from the electric slide.  There were twists, turns, rolls, drops and kicks. I thought WOW, this is so cool!  I studied and practiced that dance until I was confident to do it outside the comfort of my home! I became hooked and was known for doing a quick 2 step any and everywhere just out of the blue!  I would often search online for line dance routines and learn them at home and perform them for my husband and kids (silly, huh?!).  I soon became the designated line dance teacher for all family events. I was constantly encouraged to consider teaching a class, but I only considered it as a fun hobby. Besides, I thought my family were just pulling my leg...teach a class?? who me?


It was years later that I was asked to teach a line dance class at my job. I finally said sure, why not! After receiving such positive feedback from the classes, as well as the level of excitement from students who realized they were losing weight and getting into shape from dancing, I finally thought to myself, "Hey, maybe my family was right afterall, I should consider starting a local class outside of work".   After many thoughts and meditation, I decided to give it a try. Within a couple of months, I started And 5,6,7,8 Line Dance!!! I absolutely love teaching line dance class. From those with two left feet to the advance line dancer, we learn, we laugh, we talk and WE DANCE!!!  Such a fun work-out for all.  It delights me greatly to meet new people, bring a smile to their face and also communicate with them and get to know them, their goals, their success, etc.  What took me so long to do this? I don't know, but I'm glad I finally did. Here I am...And 5678!!!!

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