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Keep a healthy relationship

and make time for each other!

Receive Couples shirts, Gifts & an Easy to learn Couples Dance in EACH BOX! FREE SHIPPING!

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Receive Matching Shirts for You and Your Partner along with an Easy, Full Tutorial & Dance for you and your partner to enjoy during the Holidays!!!


Our regular subscription boxes will be back & available for purchase after we ship all special edition holiday themed boxes!

We have a limited number of our
Connected to Each Other Shirt Boxes available (2 t-shirts & Couples Dance Lesson included). 

Also a great Holiday Gift!

What's included in the Special Holiday Box? (Matching Holiday Shirts & A NEW Couples Dance):
What's in the box?
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Couples long sleeve shirt

(for you & your partner)

Private YouTube link that includes a tutorial & dance for you & your partner to enjoy each other & dance the night away!

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How to order
Why Choose First Comes Love Then Comes Dance Date Box?

Our box is a representation of our mission: To provide couples with dates that will enhance, restore and/or spark the romance, fun & laughter in a relationship.


Let's be real; Falling in love is not that hard. Staying in love? Well, that requires "heart" work! Beginning that new relationship is fun and exciting.  But, as time passes, we get to know our partner's habits and everything starts to become predictable. Not to mention, other everyday tasks falls into place (i.e. work, taking the kids to school, etc). 

We may soon forget to take time out for each other or run out of ideas for fun. 


Date nights can keep the fun and excitement in relationships.  It encourages communication, increases the feelings of intimacy and builds a stronger bond while reducing stress, tension and strain. 

Why Do We Include a New Couples Dance in Each Box?

Ahhhh...Dancing!  Something we truly enjoy!  Couples Dancing helps build a stronger emotional connection. It also promotes and enhances the quality of contact between two people.  Dancing together can bring flirtatious, sexy, fun, and exciting activity.  It rejuvenates everything! 

In addition, the physical movements of dance have been shown to reduce levels of stress, anxiety and depression.


Keep a Healthy Relationship & Make time for each other!

I have more questions... 

NO PROBLEM!!  CLICK HERE for answers to our frequently asked questions.

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