It’s time to Get It In with That Short Girl and the And 5678 Crew! Shuanta brings the heat with 9 new line dances that will get you moving and torching calories while having a party in your living room by yourself or with family and friends. Once again That Short Girl gives you the step by step instructions to make sure you master every step. Then get ready for the “Showdown” and party with Shuanta and the crew. Get Fit, Have Fun and Line Dance with the AND 5678 Line Dance DVD Volume2: Get it In. New Dances, New Music and a good time packed into a two dvd set that can spark that new fitness fire or help fuel your existing routines.

Grab your water, your towel, a friend or two and positive energy and get ready to have a line dance party with That Short Girl and the And 5678 crew!

And 5678 Line Dance Volume 2 DVD Set: GET IT IN

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