More VEGAS Tickets Available!!!

YEP! We heard you! We received many messages, texts and phone calls asking if we'd be able to open more tickets. You've probably heard by now that we do have more tickets for the Bubbles & BowTies event in May 2022 available! It took some time as we had to thoroughly search for a venue that would be available and also hold the number of guests attending.

With that being said, the venue for the main Bubbles & BowTies formal event on Saturday has changed. We were originally scheduled to party at the Mansion54, but we reached full capacity and had to move forward. No worries, everything is still the same except the venue. We will now be heading to the grand ballroom at the SunCoast Hotel & Casino! It's quite a few miles away from the Vegas strip, but again, no worries!! We got you!!! We will provide charter buses for all participants. We are soooo excited and look forward to meeting and dancing with everyone. If you have any questions and/or concerns, feel free to message us via email at any time. We try our best to answer all messages in a timely manner. If your message does not receive a response, we sincerely apologize as it was not intentionally overlooked. We ask that you simply resend the message and say "HEY GUYS, ANSWER ME!!" We will respond back as soon as possible!! Be sure to stay connected to this blog as we will use it to communicate with everyone.