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Do I Need to Know How to Line Dance?

One word answer: NOPE!

Even with our weekly classes, some people think they must know how to line dance before attending. Totally FALSE! That's the point of class...TO LEARN!

We've had other events and quite a few people attended who had never taken a line dance class or attempted to line dance. To be honest, I LOVE THAT!! It allows that person to experience something fun, new and enjoy learning new moves.

I'll be uploading quite a few line dances for all ladies to learn in advance (via YouTube). Only those who registered for the event will have access to the videos. These line dances will also include a full tutorial for you to learn. It's optional to learn them, but I would recommend learning at least a few to be able to dance during the Live Entertainment!!! TRUST ME, YOU WILL ENJOY LINE DANCING DURING HIS PERFORMANCE!!!

But WAIT....YES... of course we'll also have a line dance session on Friday night (right before our High Energy Bingo Party) where we'll be learning some Fun and Sassy line dances just for us ladies!!! I can't spill too much of that info yet!! We'll get into that discussion eventually (smile)!!!

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1 Comment

P Walker
P Walker
Sep 01, 2023

Whether you're a beginner or advanced line dancer this is the event for you. Shuanta is THE BEST teacher. She breaks down the moves in a way that everyone can enjoy themselves. Bad knee(s)? Here's a modification. Vertigo won't allow you to spin? Modification. 2 left feet? We'll do it over again until you get it. Want something a little advanced? She's got some footwork for you. Don't miss this opportunity for fun, fellowship and dancing!

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