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DJ NEPHU (video clip below)!!!!

If you read the previous blog post, then you're well aware of the Live Band (The Tony Tatum Experience) that will be performing on Saturday (Ok now, if you haven't read the previous blog, go back and read it...cause I'm giving you ladies all the deets on here!)

Ok...on to the next....We'll get more in depth about Friday's "Bingo: Bet on Black Party" on another post.... but for now, I at least want to share with you that ATL's DJ NEPHU will be in the building Friday Night! Nephu, a DJ, Entrepreneur & Founder of Rush the Line Co., is one who pays attention to detail and makes sure the Dance Floor stays Jumpin!! He's definitely known for keeping a crowd going!!

When you arrive to Friday's event, I recommend you dress comfortable because that strong vibe and energy in the room may have us dancing on tables as well as on the dance floor!!!

Did you attend our Ladies First event in July this year?? If not, here's a few snippets with DJ Nephu on the 1's and 2's!

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