Bubbles & BowTies in Vegas FAQ


Frequently asked questions

What is the refund policy on the event ticket?

Tickets are non-refundable but they are transferable. If you are unable to attend and would like to give your ticket to another individual, simply contact us via email and we will replace your information with your desired replacement. Email: and5678linedance@gmail.com

Do I need to wear a mask or get a Covid vaccination?

The choice is yours. On June 1, 2021, Las Vegas will return to pre-pandemic guidelines. That means COVID related restrictions on things like large gatherings, capacity limits, dancing and more will be lifted. Masks and social distancing will also not be required for fully vaccinated people. If you wish to wear a mask during the event, you are free to do so.

Do I have to know how to line dance?

Absolutely NOT! This event is for non-line dancers as well as line dancers. While there will be line dancing, this will also be a general party for everyone to two-step, swing and/or shake a leg however your prefer!

Will I be able to learn how to line dance at the event?

Of Course!!!! To kick off the weekend, we will have a line dance workshop on Thursday, May 5th (the first day)! This workshop will consist of other line dance instructors from across the nation who will also teach fun & easy line dances. You will have the opportunity to learn quite a few line dances at this workshop as we all party and enjoy Cinco de Mayo!!!

I want to attend with my significant other, but he/she does not dance. Do I still need to buy a ticket for him/her?

To attend any event, you must purchase a ticket. We have taken into consideration that some may not have the desire to dance, but would still like to attend the events. We have something for you too! For our Friday's event, we will have a day party at a bowling alley/concert venue that will consist of unlimited bowling, eating, drinking and dancing! The dance floor is directly next to the bowling lanes. Saturday's formal Bubbles & BowTies evening event will also be a fun, great night for you to spend quality time together if you choose to bring a significant other. More info about the day party is available here on our blog: www.and5678linedance.com/blog.

Is the ticket price per person?


Which hotel is the host hotel?

There is not a host hotel. We have provided 4 recommended hotels for you to choose from. Because three of the hotels are under the Caesar's hotel chain, we could only provide a group rate for one hotel. We chose to offer a group rate for The Linq hotel because it is the most budget friendly.

How far are the venues from the hotels?

Thursday's line dance workshop will be located in the Harrah's hotel. The Linq hotel is a 2 minute walk from Harrah's hotel. Friday's event will be held at a venue that is approximately a 2 minute walk from The Linq hotel also. It is approximately a 5 to 10 minute walk from the other recommended hotels listed on our page at www.and5678linedance.com/ticket. Saturday's event is located off site and we will provide transporation for all guests.

Is the t-shirt that's included with the ticket for the Stoplight Day Party?

No! The t-shirt that we are providing is a gift to you from And 5678. This will be a black t-shirt that will be mailed to all ticket holders at least 4 weeks prior to the event. For the Stoplight Day Party, you MUST purchase your own colored t-shirt (Red, Yellow or Green). For more information on the Stoplight Day Party, visit our blog at www.and5678linedance.com/blog

I live in Vegas or close by Vegas, can I just purchase an event ticket?

Absolutely!!! If you are a local resident, you can purchase the event ticket only.

Do I have to wear a tie at the Bubbles & BowTies event on Saturday?

Not at all! Wear your classy black & white attire that makes you feel comfortable. A tie is not required.