Atlanta, GA- Couple's Night Out: Dinner & Dance Party

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A glance of our couple's class & The Tony Tatum Experience!


  • And 5678 Couples Night Out: Dinner & Dance Party


  • Gerard & Shuanta Porter, And 5678 Line Dance


  • Saturday, December 17th, 2022


  • Hilton Atlanta Airport - Discounted Room Rate Available - Click Here


  • $175 PER COUPLE - Early Bird 

Dress Code:       

  • Cocktail - A balance between semi-formal and elegance & comfort!


  • 2 Hour Fun Couples Line Dance Workshop in the Afternoon - Enjoy a fun dance session and learn easy/beginner moves to get you on the dance floor with your partner. (2pm - 4pm) (workshop may change to 3pm to 5pm)

  • Dinner - After the 2 hour workshop, head back to your hotel room and prepare for a delightful dinner with your partner. (7pm - 8pm)

  • Live Music from the Tony Tatum Experience - Keep the party rolling with the amazing soulful sounds from Mr. Tony Tatum as he provides an entertaining evening of live music; a true Tony Tatum Experience! (8pm - 10 pm)

  • A Night of Dancing - Be prepared to groove and of course show off your new dance moves you learned in the workshop as you have an enjoyable night of dancing with your partner! (10pm - 11pm)


  • I don't have a partner, can I still attend?  

    • You are welcome to bring a friend or relative to accompany you at the event.  ​

  • I have two left feet and cannot dance.  Do I need to know how to dance​?

    • Not at all!  Majority of our students say they have two left feet.  No worries; we provide step-by-step ​tutorial.